MapleStory 2 Released New Trailer For Sky Fortress Animation

Mesos4u Date: Feb/10/18 16:28:49 Views: 2514

MapleStory 2 releases a new trailer about Sky Fortress Animation these days.



From the forces of darkness

Who will be the adventurer to save MapleWorld?


Sky Fortress, aka Shield of the Sky

Unveiled hidden story in fierce battle




It is straightforward to say that MapleStory 2 has a completely different gameplay than the first. This is the comment of not only the writers that many players around the world are acknowledged. There is only one common point between the two MapleStory pieces that they maintain the same world. The transition from horizontal battle style to open world in the third person perspective has made many players are not surprised.


Almost everything in the game revolves around Mana, because there will be no potion to start. You will need to upgrade enough items to speed up the mana recovery faster, ensuring the combo skill is constantly uninterrupted. There will not be many options for career development as the first, even when the "beat" is no longer "spray" rate.