MapleStory : In-Game Marriage & Heartbreak

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:33:26 Views: 1024

In one of the oddest press releases we've ever received, the MapleStory team has sent along word that over 75% of in-game marriages have ended in virtual divorce (surprise, surprise!) in the last year alone.

The team admits to a slight bit of surprise considering the $25 price tag for entering into an in-game marriage.Maple Story mesos. Players, however, show little concern for the price tag and more concern for their virtual freedom:

Seth, 19, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, tells his tale:

"My former Maple spouse and I started off great; going on party quests together, boss runs, training, helping each other become better Maplers. Then I realized after a while that she was only out there to get free things off of me and we got in this conversation where she admitted to this accusation, so I decided I would have to annul our Maple marriage."