MapleStory : Great Maple Election Quest 2012

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:29:23 Views: 933
In a news story that is bound to open up a HUGE can of worms, the MapleStory team is announcing the results from its first ever presidential poll called Great Maple Election Quest 2012.maplestory mesos. Of the respondents to the poll, 80% favor the current president over his challenger in this year is United States presidential election. The poll is a small part of a major event currently being held in MapleStory. The ""Great Maple Election Quest 2012"" will include additional player polls, and will also include wide-ranging in-game election events running up to Election Day on Nov. 6. Additionally, MapleStory has partnered with Rock The Vote to encourage players to register to vote and participate in the real presidential election.