MapleStory : Big Update, 4th Job Added

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:18:15 Views: 1025
Nexon America has announced the launch of a major update for Maple Story. The update will see the addition of a 4th job, user interface improvements, a new area, and more. Los Angeles, CA – January 23, 2007 – Nexon America Inc., is delivering a new dimension for hardcore MapleStory players with the addition of a fourth job, which launched today. The 4th Job represents an elite tier which can only be reached through completion of rigorous class requirements demanded by a character’s three previous jobs.maplestory mesos. Nexon America recognizes the importance of rewarding and involving its most dedicated players and only a small sample of the over five million MapleStory players will have reached a high enough level to achieve the 4th Job, which begins this week. But everyone will appreciate the multitude of enhancements made to the user interface. MapleStory is largely celebrated for its lively and energetic community, evidenced by the millions of quirky and colorful characters, abundant guilds, comical YouTube manifestations of Nexon’s MapleStory commercials, and a hyperactive forum complete with users who post photos of self-concocted MapleStory-themed desserts and costumes among their many posts. It’s MapleStory’s compelling and deep game play which drives new and existing players to the MapleWorld. The addition of the 4th Job provides further depth to an already intricate and complex game. Players will appreciate a new meter, which will show how many hit points it will take to defeat an enemy. Items will also be easier to use with the automatic item organizer and a new world map should help Maplers have a better sense of direction while traveling the heavily-populated MapleWorld. Also being introduced with the 4th Job update is the town of Leafre, a region dedicated to experienced (Level 100+) MapleStory players. At Leafre, players can find new upgrades for some of the game’s more powerful weapons and also party with other elite players. MapleStory’s most fearsome monsters will be found in the region as well, including the infamous Horntail, a monster renowned for its ability to defeat brave Maplers. Leafre offers a home and hunting ground for players in search of new friends and challenges.