Attack on Titan Comes to MapleStory

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:50:18 Views: 1147

MapleStory and "Attack on Titan" fans are in for a treat through mid-February as the two cross over in a special themed event.

From January 21 to February 18, MapleStory players will help the Cadet Corps and fight to survive the Titan invasion. Episodic story content has them defending Wall Rose and mastering omni-directional mobility gear, thus earning special medals and totems. maplestory mesos. Players will also be able to purchase exclusive "Attack on Titan" items (like Cadet Corps uniforms, omni-directional mobility gear, accessories and chairs) in the cash shop.

Here's just a sampling of what the event has to offer:

        Fight against a gigantic humanoid – the Colossal Titan –who has appeared in the south of Shinganshina District
        Dress as a member of the Scout Regiment, a group of expeditionary soldiers looking for information on the origins of the Titans. Players can complete the outfit with their own omni-directional mobility gear, which provides the ability to jump onto walls, trees or nearby buildings to attack Titans
        Engage in multiple Attack on Titan story episodes, including escaping Titans in an obstacle map and training in various minigames