When and Where to Start Mining and Collecting Herbs in MapleStory 2

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Mining and collecting herbs in MapleStory 2 is straightforward to do and also the far more you do, the a lot easier you get EXP and crafting supplies. Do you need anything particular to start? You may begin in the extremely initial moment you see it is possible to collect said stuff which makes it an incredibly straightforward method to get some EXP early on and later for the prestige levels.


Not surprisingly, you may have to complete it additional frequency to collect far better herbs and orbs but again, you'll be able to start out and also you never require any tool or like, which tends to make it very easy from the 1st location to start. How and where do you get started?




MapleStory 2


Copper Vein - Copper Ore - Evansville - Obtainable at Rank 1 

Tin Vein - Tin Ore Mined/Mined Opal - Queenstown - Available at Rank 2 

Zinc Vein - Zinc Ore - Middleton - Offered at Rank 3 

Silver Vein - Silver Ore/Mined Sapphire - Silverstone Bridge- Obtainable at Rank 4

Iron Vein - Iron Ore - Resortville - Obtainable at Rank five 

Lead Vein - Lead Ore/Mined Diamond - New Goldus - Accessible at Rank 6

Nickel Vein - Nickel Ore - Oasis Town - Available at Rank 7 

Ravensteel Vein - Ravensteel Ore/Mined Amethyst - Crystal Vale - Accessible at Rank 8 

Tungsten Vein - Tungsten Ore - Aner Park - Readily available at Rank 9 

Gold Vein - Gold Ore/Mined Amber - Blooming Farm - Obtainable at Rank 10 

Platinum Vein - Platinum Ore - Ellin Town - Out there at Rank 11 

Cobalt Vein - Cobalt Ore/Mined Pearl - Orne Town - Offered at Rank 12 

Palladium Vein - Palladium Ore - Eileen Town - Obtainable at Rank 13 


Foraging / Herbs:

MapleStory 2


Marjoram Herb - Marjoram - Evansville - Obtainable at Rank 1 

Lavender Herb - Lavender/Purple Bloom Dust - Queenstown - Available at Rank 2 

Rosemary Herb - Rosemary - Middleton - Offered at Rank 3 

Lemon Balm Herb - Lemon Balm/White Bloom Dust - Silverstone Bridge - Offered at Rank 4 

Mandarin Herb - Mandarin - Resortville - Offered at Rank 5 

Jasmine Herb - Jasmine/Plum Bloom Dust - New Goldus - Offered at Rank 6 

Tea Tree Herb - Tea Tree - Oasis Town - Readily available at Rank 7 

Cherry Sage Herb - Cherry Sage/ Red Bloom Dust - Crystal Vale - Obtainable at Rank 8 

Patchouli Herb - Patchouli - Aner Park - Obtainable at Rank 9 

Oregano Herb - Oregano/Blue Bloom Dust - Blooming Farm - Offered at Rank ten 

Yarrow Herb - Yarrow - Ellin Town - Accessible at Rank 11 

Basil Herb - Basil/Green Bloom Dust - Orne Town - Out there at Rank 12 

Bergamot Herb - Bergamot - Eileen Town - Readily available at Rank 13 


Also significant: As soon as you attain some ability levels into those capabilities, you "unlock" two areas for it where you could effortlessly farm stated herbs/obs so the "roaming" around part pretty much falls back to zero!


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