What is the Mushking Royale in MapleStory 2

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In the previous article, we mentioned Battle Royale Mode, today, we will specifically introduce Musking Royale, which is MapleStory 2's take on the battle royale game mode. You will be dropping into a battlefield with 49 other players to fight until you're the last Mapler standing.


In MapleStory 2, what you should note is that Mushking Royale will only be available for one weekend during Closed Beta 2, starting on July 20th at 8:00 AM PDT and running through July 23rd at 7:59 AM PDT. In the meantime, you can buy some Ms mesos on our website.


MapleStory 2


In contrast to conventional battle royale games, when you drop down to the ground in Mushking Royale you will not come across a collection of guns and grenades to arm oneself with. Instead, everyone begins out with the exact same set of standard attacks and you will learn power-ups, capabilities, and things which you can collect by opening chests or defeating Mushrooms. These might be your best bets to knocking out your opponents!


You could burn other Maplers away together with the Fireblast item, or make them explode by very carefully targeting your rockets, or snipe your opponents in the bushes together with the Lock-On item, you may even use mounts to navigate about the battlefield.


When showcasing the mount, there will also be a Mk. 52 Prototype that might randomly appear within the battlefield. Individuals who are capable to locate this mount will get a taste of ultimate energy.


Do not believe your collection of rockets, lock-ons, point-blank fire blasts, or giant mechs might be adequate to take the rest of your field down? There are more weapons on the field that you could use, such as a collection of objects which you can choose up and throw. Throw a magnet to pull a fleeing enemy in close, douse them in acid to raise the damage they take, or simply set the entire location aflame!


And there's significantly a lot more to Mushking Royale. Environmental hazards, like fields of thorns that can tear into any person that wanders in (or happens to have pushed!), tall grass that you can hide in to plot your ambush, sensors guarding precious gear that should alert every person nearby if you venture inside?- there's a great deal about Mushking Royale that you are going to have to uncover for your self.