What is the DPS Situation in MapleStory 2

Mesos4u Date: Sep/11/18 16:17:36 Views: 1896

In MapleStory 2, what's the situation? Ordinarily, range classes possess a substantial advantage compared to melee classes in terms of DPS. They're able to stay comparatively safe although dishing out trusted and consistent DPS. Melee classes commonly have to worry additional about attacks from the boss, and can endure some DPS loss. 


To some extent, MS2 does a fantastic job of balancing the classes so far. Knights and Berserkers are super tanky. The truth is, there's a clear distinction involving the Knights and Berserkers. The Berserker is the DPS warrior, still tanky in relation to other classes, but made about bashing peoples' faces in. Whereas the Knight may be the game's only "tank" or defensive support, sacrificing a number of its damage perspective for the utility like damage mitigation.



So Knights dodging attacks will not be definitely a problem and may survive OHKO attacks so the majority of the time they could be concerned about attacking. The only melee class that is certainly squishy will be the Thief, and its hardest to play because they are squishy and must micro and macro handle their skills so as to achieve optimal DPS and hold the poison DoT up although dodging. 


However, Thieves may have the highest possible DPS, but it requires lots of function to achieve it. Range classes technically have no defensive or survivability stats/buffs and will prevent most damage from bosses/monsters which will considerably affect their DPS. If they get hit and die, then their DPS goes down the drain due to the fact effectively you can't attack though you will be dead.


There's a standard misunderstanding about thieves here. It is not poison that is a big portion of one's damage but all the things. What you micromanage is sp so your active buff doesn't disappear. Also paying close interest to malice so you get the additional damage from your other abilities as an alternative to wasting your buff. The class, even when it max dpm is not the very best though so realize that when you're at bosses, and sense of one's awful variety on your capabilities and complete melee attacks, you are going to become around the lower finish pretty much all of the time assuming equal gear. Skill in this game plays a really tiny portion of your actual damage. It is far more reliant on gear and class option in the end.


Obviously, the certain predicament will depend on the enumerator, melee classes typically have a tougher time with bosses than ranged due to the fact most bosses do much more melee attacks than ranged attacks.


Any time when a melee character has to move outdoors of melee variety and wait for the boss to finish attacking is time wasted even though a ranged character can continue to attack.


Then there's also the problem with bosses that like to jump around everywhere, ranged characters can generally continue attacking through this although melee characters must chase the boss around.


Dps are distinctive in diverse roles, some show potent energy, and a few are tough to play. Even so, the game doesn't rely solely on the size of your worth to win, furthermore to DPS, you will discover other things that impact the winning percentage. The player's proficiency within the character, the practical experience of the battle, and the cooperation among the players are indispensable elements. Maplestory2 is often a game that players happen to be seeking forward to get a long time, along with the exciting thing is that the game will likely be officially released soon. We will continue to update the guides and news here and continue to bring you the benefits of Maplestory mesos.