What Console Players Should Know (And Why PC Players Should Be Happy)

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:34:46 Views: 958

Now that The Elder Scrolls Online has launched for console, the virtual holding pattern that the game has been in for the past few months should hopefully be ending soon. buy eso gold. These months did bring us some idea of the general direction of what to expect for the console versions, but for many of us PC players, things have been in a general lull since update 6 was released, with talk having shifted to the console audience. Fair enough, as an MMORPG release like this on console is significant, and while the game is, of this writing, having similar launch issues as most PC MMOs (welcome console players to launch server issues and lag!), things will get sorted. This week, it seemed like a good time to discuss a few things that new ESO console players should know, and PC players should be happy about.