The Week-Long MapleStory 2 Closed Beta Has Ended

Mesos4u Date: May/17/18 14:13:38 Views: 1658
As early as the 9th of this month, the week-long MapleStory 2 closed beta test started, unfortunately, now it has ended. Let's calm down and look back at why it is enough customization for you.
1. Customization MECA
Straight out the gate the options and ease of use when creating your character are phenomenal. Jumping between classes, each one has its own personal outfit so of course. It's not just the amount of choices you have, it's that they aren't overwhelming plus extend to being able to choose your base outfit, which you can also dye.
2. Scaling Content
Movement is a big thing to get use to in MapleStory 2 as it is so very easy to forget it's a voxel until you have to up or down to reach objectives or just explore. Current official events for closed beta have us generously receiving all kinds of mounts from balloon ducks, to shopping carts and an eagle. I've also found it entertaining seeing if I can reach/hit places without dying, in between catching helicopter taxis and portal travel. Nexon really know how to ensure we have ample fun questing and adventuring.
3. Becoming Indestructible  
What is also intriguing is the story behind Maplestory 2, I am enjoying every cutscene and why I end up where I do, fighting whoever I am fighting. Fairy sisters, Nixie and Epi were my first difficult elite boss encounter. Each boss encounter so far has been enjoyable. Time wise I feel the game is doing the best it can to make the most of my time, which is always a bonus.
4. Leisurely Living
Housing in MS2 is incredibly expensive with current prices though earning gold is also well tuned. During the CBT however it's free so I'm going all out on it knowing it won't be the same at launch. The building UI is both user-friendly and intuitive with another layer of customization from naming the building, saving up to three sets and full-blown security and ambience settings.
5. Luxury Living
I am so incredibly impressed by MS2 building that this will be my focus along with fishing for the rest of CBT! Opening fridge doors, running taps, playing an arcade game - all that good interactive stuff is available but what blew my mind most is the Maple Workshop. This is where you can pull in your own assets and apply them to blocks and armor, as well as weapons, everything to do so is in game so.
6. More Content Is Enough Customization For You
If this isn't enough customization for you there is also a beauty salon, plastic surgeon and dye workshop. Although the weeklong event is over, it's nice that we enjoyed this happy process. Visit website to choose cheap Ms mesos, there will be many surprises waiting for you!