The Free Zone : MapleStory Hacked in Europe

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:33:26 Views: 1059

For non-MapleStory players who may not know, the game's European servers were hacked recently, something that Nexon has been working to solve since it happened. In The Free Zone this week, Richard Aihoshi discusses the time line of the hacking and Nexon's response. Check it out and then leave a comment or two Maple Story mesos.

For anyone who may not know what happened, the short version is two of the classes in the game have a skill called Meso Guard that they can employ to lose money instead of health when hit. Someone figured out it was possible to hack the data so as to tell the servers that a character took negative damage, the result of which was a currency gain instead of a loss. What's more, the amount could be as much as 2.1 billion per blow. So, as you can undoubtedly imagine, a lot of players (I haven't seen any credible numbers in this regard) took advantage, thereby shattering the game economy.