The Best Way to Add Close Friends in MapleStory 2

Mesos4u Date: Jul/26/18 08:55:32 Views: 1714
In MapleStory 2, some players may confuse about the way to add close friends since the game is definitely an MMO, you are able to usually encounter the enjoyable with friends anytime you want. 
The Best Way to Add Close Friends in MapleStory 2
MapleStory 2 is often a charming game filled with adventure and wonder at every single corner. Playing as your own personal character, you are able to choose to comply with an assortment of distinct quests and take on a wide selection of risky enemies. When you want to share with friends, know how to add close friends become especially important.
In fact, the procedure is really fairly uncomplicated after you understand how to do it. Around the principal screen within your game, you should notice a row of icons positioned in the bottom proper side on the screen. There are actually little blocks which you can interact with, every providing diverse alternatives and menus in MapleStory 2. 
When you are adding your pals, look for the small blue box beside the house plus the icon that appears like a brown box. The little blue icon just about acts like your social tab, so hover your mouse over it and you will be greeted using a series of options. Click the Buddies tab to pull up a brand new menu on your screen that must have four different tabs: Online, Mates, Requests, and Blocked.
You'll need to click the Buddies tab, which needs to bring up all of your pals in MapleStory two. From there, verify the upper correct side of your screen and click "Add Friend". Merely type in the person's username and in some cases send them just a little note if you want to. 
However, for those who have gotten a request out of your friend, basically tap the Request tab to pull up any pending invitations in MapleStory 2. Or if you would like to immediately pull up the Good friend's menu, just press the U key. 
While you enjoy the game with your friends, don't forget that having enough Maplestory mesos also can make games easier.