Quirky and Colorful characters

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:34:08 Views: 911

MapleStory is largely celebrated for its lively and energetic community, evidenced by the millions of quirky and colorful characters, abundant guilds, comical YouTube manifestations of Nexon's MapleStory commercials, and a hyperactive forum complete with users who post photos of self-concocted MapleStory-themed desserts and costumes among their many posts.

exon America has announced the launch of a major update for Maple Story. Maple Story mesos. The update will see the addition of a 4th job, user interface improvements, a new area, and more.
During this period, we will work on improving our website, preparing more worlds, and adding new features and content such as the highly anticipated land of Ossyria, the mini-games, and the cash shop.