Psy appearing in Nexon is MapleStory and Combat Arms

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:23:32 Views: 889
Remember Psy? The Gangnam Style fella? He was a big pop hit a few months back. The days of international stardom may arguably be fading for the South Korean pop sensation but he is not giving up – the Gangnam Style singer is about to make his video games debut. Nexon Europe has signed up the Asian pop icon to appear in two of its games – MapleStory and Combat Arms. It all kicks off in Combat Arms today while apparently he started appearing in Maple Story last week. In MapleStory players ""will have the chance to embark upon a number of special missions to assist PSY during his stay in Maple Town"", one of which is rescuing him from an alien abduction. you well have to work for your Psy goodies in Combat Arms, however. Themed items will become available in that game ""after PSY is posts have received enough Likes"". Nexon Europe is associate manager of the game operation department Paul Lee said of the deal: “We’re thrilled to welcome Psy to MapleStory and Combat Arms.maplestory mesos.With his unique and flamboyant style we have no doubt his presence will keep everyone more than entertained over the next few months. ""With so many chances to win Psy prizes and game items too, he really has shown himself to be quite the Gentleman.""