Product Manager at Nexon Europe

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Players will also be able to purchase exclusive "Attack on Titan" items (like Cadet Corps uniforms, omni-directional mobility gear, accessories and chairs) in the cash shop. Maple Story mesos. "We're always looking to make improvements and providing the community with more enjoyable experiences, whether that's with more content updates or events, it's something we strive to give back to the dedicated players who have made MapleStory what it is today. Here's to another eight more successful years!"

"In the eight years since we launched MapleStory we have witnessed great experiences from players, and that gives us unlimited pleasure in seeing that the game is still running strong," said Ronald Schakenraad, Product Manager at Nexon Europe. From January 21 to February 18, MapleStory players will help the Cadet Corps and fight to survive the Titan invasion. Episodic story content has them defending Wall Rose and mastering omni-directional mobility gear, thus earning special medals and totems.