Nexon Releases New MapleStory Territory The Sea of Beginning, Esfera

Mesos4u Date: Jan/30/18 14:35:53 Views: 1546

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 26th that it opened a new area "The Sea of Beginning, Esfera" in the online game "MapleStory".



The third content of the winter massive update 'The Sea of Beginning, Esfera' is the sixth new area of Arcane River and can be accessed from users who have completed the quest "It's Not Time Yet" at level 235 or higher in Morass.


'The Sea of Beginning, Esfera' new boss Commander Will Hard mode was added. The Hard mode of Will, the ruler of Mirror World, can challenge up to six people after completing the 'Esfera' quest.




In addition, the 'Will’s Boss Souls and Soul Skills' and Will Hard mode can be acquired only in the new 5th job 'Skill Core' was released.


To celebrate the update, Nexon will host the PvP (Player vs. Player) 'Discovery Arena' event to battle the in-game AI on February 7th.


In addition, ARK Sugar Time, ARK Coin Shop Season 2, ARK Mega Burning and other events provide a variety of benefits.