Nexon concludes Maplestory is Chaos series with loads of new content

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:24:40 Views: 920
Maplestory is Chaos series of updates is ending with a bang with the Age of Triumph, which according to Nexon, is ""a huge update that brings unique content exclusively to those players who traverse Maple World on Global MapleStory servers."" So what does the final update have in store for Maple World? Well, for starters it brings an all-new storyline titled The Silent Crusade. Buy Maple Story mesos. The storyline quests are available for players in the incredibly broad level range of 37-110, and they introduce players to a force that specializes in the elimination of Master Monsters (a new faction of enemies). Alongside the new storyline, the update will also introduce PvPers to the new Capture the Flag mode. And lastly, players will find in their inventory a Crusader Codex, which is essentially an encyclopedia of the monsters of Maple World. Each page can be filled with Monster Cards, which drop from various enemies. Once a page is completed, the page will display the monster is information such as levels, locations, and item drops, and players will receive unique prizes such as medals. For some new screenshots of the upcoming update, check out the gallery below.