News: The Visitors

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:51 Views: 878
There have been signs that the Black Mage is returning with massive monsters continuing to shake up Maple World by land and sea. It is small wonder then that not many have noticed the skies until now. Spaceships! Maple World is being invaded!cheap maplestory mesos. Omega Sector is put on high alert. Nothing like this has ever been seen before and no one knows what is going on but barricades are being set up for ground defense and an air strike team is being mobilized. Will you join in on the effort and investigate the truth behind the recent events? ""The Visitors"" is a unique and exciting update that the Global MapleStory development team has spent months planning, designing, and testing! The Visitors includes many new systems such as the Evolving Suit and the new ""stage system."" The team also spent considerable time creating new weapons and characters like Dr. Bing, the Omega Sector Secret Service (OSSS) crew, and the actual Visitors. The Global development team comments: ""The basic idea behind the Visitors update was to introduce some new concepts and systems to Maple World. While UFOs and extraterrestrials are interesting enough, the main focus of the update is the idea of time travel and the introduction of the stage system. Time travel creates whole new gameplay possibilities and gives the game a new fresh feel. Rather than trying to add a third dimension to a two-dimensional game, the Visitors update allows players to jump into the fourth dimension. The Visitors is also our first update based around the idea of a story narrative that is expressed over real time. We call this the stage system. Maplers, as in most MMORPGs, are used to stories that are �timeless.� Zakum and other in-game bosses can be challenged multiple times and some storylines can be followed again and again. Time never actually moves forward. With this update, we wanted to try something new -- to create one story that would be shared by all and have a beginning and an end. You and your fellow Maplers will be supporting characters that will help the protagonist, Dr. Bing, save the world. Maple World will dynamically change in real time to flow with the story progression."" That means that the Visitors wont wait for you, so Do not miss out on this historical MapleStory moment!