New MapleStory character returns from the dark side

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:24:40 Views: 877
If you fell for the line, ""Come to the dark side -- we have cookies,"" It is your own fault. But such was not the case for MapleStory EU is newest hero, Xenon. Captured, his body altered, and his mind erased, this once normal boy became a pawn to be used by the evil scientist Gelimer of the Black Wings. Cheap maplestory mesos.But redemption arrived in the form of a lab raid by the Resistance, and Xenon is memories of his past started to break through the corruption and restart him on the path with the Resistance. Armed with both his lightsaber Energy Sword and a mastery of the Energy Control System, Xenon -- the first character to utilize a hybrid fighting style -- set out to fully rediscover his past. Players will participate in special stories that will help Xenon regain his memory and possibly unveil more mysteries along the way.