Meeting The MapleStory Recommended System Specifications

Mesos4u Date: Mar/19/18 14:01:31 Views: 1599

From space, it's now straight into a colorful, two-dimensional cartoon world. MapleStory is a free MMORPG with sugar-sweet manga graphics. A real game goal does not exist here; The players use their playing time in addition to social interaction mainly for painstakingly leveling their characters and thus to reinforce.



Meeting the minimum required specifications is important to insure not only that you can run the game, but to insure an optimal playing experience. If you are experiencing any issues it is best to check to confirm that your system meets the minimum requirements.



Recently, F2P PC/mobile publisher Nexon posted record annual results, with MapleStory growing strongly in Korea. Indeed, MapleStory will be key to the company’s 2018 performance with one PC and two mobile games in the series planned for release.