MapleStory:World Tour

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Originally, these continents were not a part of the main game. Each new continent was an expansion to each original versions. JapanMS was the first to expand their version with a continent called Zipangu. These additional continents reflect more on real world locations or real world things, with a few exceptions. At first, these new continents were to be exclusive maps for each version they originated from. Zipangu for JapanMS, China for ChinaMS, Formosa for TaiwanMS, Siam for ThailandMS. buy Maple Story mesos. As of September 2006, the exclusive maps started to become accessible in other versions of MapleStory via an NPC named Spinel the World Tour Guide. For MapleSEA, Singapore has been released with three areas: CBD, Boat Quay Town and Ulu City. More recently, Malaysia was released, covering the other major country that makes up SEA is player base. Malaysia and Singapore currently does not have World Tour maps. They are not accessible from Spinel the World Tour Guide, however they are often treated as such because of their basis on a real world location and culture. As of MapleSEA patch V0.69, Singapore and Malaysia Map are the only ""World Tour Areas"" to have a mini-dungeon. In ChinaMS, the area Shaolin Monastery, was released with the two towns, Mount Song Town and the Grand Hall of the Great Sage. It is accessible from a separate option from Shanghai Wai-tan from the World Tour NPC. JapanMS is Neo Tokyo is a town set in the future, themed on machines and robots. However, KoreaMS removed the World Tour and the bosses from those areas were moved to other regions. Since the removal of ThailandMS, Golden Temple is not available in all versions anymore, except KoreaMS, which replaces Golden Temple as a theme dungeon.