MapleStory:The Philosopher is Book, Tommelise is Box, and a Note About Security

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:25:22 Views: 918
On Friday, September 27, we had a brief unscheduled Cash Shop maintenance wherein we blocked the ability to purchase the Philosopher is Book and Tommelise is Box items with NX Credit. This step was taken to mitigate fraud that was occurring with these items. cheap maplestory mesos. A considerable amount of the fraud was directly linked to compromised accounts, accounts with low security, or accounts that are suspected to have been in contact with meso sellers. We feel that this is an important time to remind you not to purchase from meso selling websites. In addition to it being against the Terms of Use, you are also putting yourself at risk. If you enter your account information at any website other than the official Nexon website, you run the risk of having your information stolen by keyloggers. Once they have your information, they may attempt to hack into your account at a later date or—worst of all—possibly use your credit card for an unauthorized purchase! If you have purchased from a meso selling website before, we ask that you scan your computer for malware. When you confirm your computer is clean, please change your account is password and PIC.