MapleStory: The Girl is Fate Is Coming To 3DS, But Only In Kore a

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:05 Views: 870
Nintendo of Korea and Nexon are partnering to make a brand new MapleStory game for Nintendo 3DS and It is the first Korea exclusive title. MapleStory: The Girl is Fate is an original story based on the popular online game. You play as a girl with a mysterious spirit inside her body and to dispel the spirit she goes on an adventure. You will meet other characters that help you along the way and some characters will give you quests. MapleStory: The Girl is Fate is an action RPG with sprite graphics. It is designed to be easy to play with only one attack button. Pressing the button repeatedly does a combo. You can customize the heroine by selecting different skills and picking one of many weapons. MapleStory: The Girl is Fate has different worlds like a desert level with pyramids, sky world, and a sunken city. Early screenshots showed a grassy area too. maplestory mesos. Nintendo of KorEA is president Hiroyuki Fukuda said this game is the first time Nintendo of Korea released 3DS software exclusively for Korea. MapleStory: The Girl is Fate will be released on April 25 for 44,000 won ($39). Unlike the online game, the 3DS MapleStory title is a single player game.