MapleStory: The First Job of MapleStory

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:05 Views: 1012
Most newer jobs can skip through pre-first job with the click of a button (MapleAdmin usually asks a question like ""Do you want to skip the tutorial?""). At first job, newer jobs have a quest line that, in some cases, can lead them to second job without needing to grind on monsters or acquiring other quests in the area. It is recommended that you follow these quest lines, although in some cases a group of people can power level more quickly by grinding monsters (see below for recommended areas). Note: Cygnus Knights and Resistance Characters will not be on Victoria Island at the start, so train where you are. At this point, your skills rarely enable you to grind efficiently anyway. maplestory mesos. It would be a waste of time, unless experimenting, to seek out these areas without prior knowledge of how they compare. Also: each major town on Victoria Island has its own quest line that helps characters level from First to Second job. The Henesys quest line is a good way to get up to 30, although if you are not funded (that is, if you Do not have a higher level character to pay for equipment) you should stick to the town for your class type so you receive equipment that you can wear.