MapleStory Second Chance 2.0

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:25:22 Views: 848
Dear Maplers, In January 2014, Nexon America updated its banning guidelines for MapleStory. The intention behind this revision was to create a more transparent and fair system which punished serious offenders but also reduced the number of first time offenders being hit with permanent bans. While we still want to keep strict penalties in place to deal with the most toxic players we also want to retain as many good players in the community as possible. Following these revisions we want to look at how we deal with players currently serving lifetime bans under the old system to evaluate if they deserve a second chance to become upstanding members of the Maple community. Some of you will be aware of the Second Chance program we ran for MapleStory late last year. Out of the thousands of players unbanned in this amnesty, less than 2% reoffended, while the others were converted into positive players. Based on the success of this program we are planning to extend it to cover many more players who were banned for lesser offenses. maplestory mesos. Starting today, our Customer Support team has additional staff working between 10am and 6pm Pacific, Monday to Friday, when players will be able to send a ticket request to have their accounts unbanned. Final decisions will be at the Games Master is discretion but all players with the exception of those banned for the most serious offenses should be eligible. It is our hope that like the Second Chance players, anyone unbanned in this wave will become positive players and help to keep the Maple community a vibrant, fun place to be.