MapleStory Season 2 update available in Asi a

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:24:40 Views: 854
MapleStory Southeast Asian publisher Asiasoft Online has announced details for the Season 2 update for MMMO MapleStory in the region. The patch will be released in six separate increments starting from April 24 until July 17. On April 24, players get access to hyper skills and the option for item reorganization.Buy Maple Story mesos. Players will get to play as new character classes in the next few weeks, starting with the Demon Avenger on May 15. Asian MapleStory fans can look forward to new Season 2 content in the next few weeks. The Angelic Buster will be available on May 29, while the Luminous and Kaiser classes will be out together on June 12. The final new character for the update, the Xenon class, will be out on July 3. The final piece of the update will launch on July 17 and will add in the Monster Life game feature. Here, players can build their own custom farms to receive special buffs; the more clovers a farm has, the more prestige the farm has.