MapleStory Reorganize Skill Balance And Strengthen Character Concept

Mesos4u Date: Dec/05/17 15:34:07 Views: 1412

Nexon updated the main character balancing and user-friendliness update of its popular online game "Maplestory" on November 23.



First, MapleStory reorganized the skill balance for the former job character. Some of the character skills such as 'Shadower,' 'Mercedes,' and 'Kaiser' have been partially upgraded or added necessary functions to enhance each character role and concept.


In addition, they have added a feature to invite other channel characters to their guilds, and have improved the community environment so that the game can be enjoyed more easily, such as revamping the blacklist management function.


On the other hand, Nexon will open a Zero character creation for children, which can be created for a limited time until Jan. 3, next year. In order to commemorate this, a 'Zero' support (2 weeks) Offer 'Zero Mission Compensation (4 weeks)' benefit.


If you complete the mission given by Pollo and Fritto’s Hunting Weeks, you will receive various items such as 'Core Gemstones', 'Powerful Rebirth Flame' depending on the date of the event. And a "chair item" that can be customized by the user.


For more information on MapleStory updates and events, visit the official website.