MapleStory proclaims Alliance Eternal this week

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:24:40 Views: 895
With this week is Alliance Eternal patch in MapleStory, Nexon has returned the balance of the classes to where it should be. The final update in the Alliance trilogy focuses on Cygnus Knights and Explorer classes, retuning them and bringing their power levels back up to par with the classes that received developer love with the previous updates. Alliance Eternal has a few other fun surprises for players.Buy Maple Story mesos. Level 120 characters can hop through a Dimensional Schism and take on the sinister-sounding Arkarium, while Cygnus Knights level 110 or above have new quest chains to investigate. Nexon is also looking forward to the coming months. MapleStory will hit its seven-year anniversary in May, and players should expect a big bash when that happens. The devs also teased a ""big summer content release"" on the horizon with two new characters including the Phantom hero.