Maplestory Pet System

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:18:52 Views: 1133
How to get a lovely pet in Maplestory?Read the text below. 1 To buy your pet -U can buy a pet from a store.There are six different kinds of pets now -while buying a pet from a store,a chatting box from npc will pop up. Notes:the term of validity is 90 days.U can set it. -After you get the pet,the pet will be put in the bag ,the pet box.Double click the bag,the pet will show up and if u want it to disappear , just double click again. 2 To level up your pet -The intimacy will increase if the role exchanges with the pet and feed the pet.When the intimacy increased to a certain number,the pet will be leveled up. -There is a pet park in Henesys park.There is a pet training field.After talking to the pet trainer, if your pet go through all the obstacles in the way and reach the top,the intimacy can also increase. -The pet can talk to the role while it reaches he max level. 3 Pet’s food -U should feed the pet or it will come back to the bag.The starvation can be see from the pet message box. -U can buy the food from the market in Henesys. The food looks like milk cartons. 4 Pet’s resurgence - The pet will be a child when it is past its expiration date.In order to bring its life back,you should meet the spirit Mary in the life forest and finish a task.After finishing the task,you can bring the pet back to its life with the life Maple Story mesos.U can also buy the water in the store. 5 Others -Pets cannot hunt with the master and the pet wont be attacked by the monsters.