MapleStory:Monsters in the World of MapleStory

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:05 Views: 896
There are many monsters in the world of MapleStory, the weakest of which reside by towns. The most dangerous monsters live deep in dungeons. Monsters typically roam around aimlessly, even if you bump into them (and take damage as a result). However, if you attack or cast a debuff on an enemy, you will ""aggro"" it - that is, you will get its attention and it will try to attack you. cheap maplestory mesos. Most enemies attack by trying to run into you over and over again. Against these enemies, the easiest thing to do is to attack them repeatedly so that they cannot move (your attacks usually have enough knockback to keep them in place). Sometimes it is necessary to jump over them to dodge their attack. Some higher level enemies and most bosses have ranged abilities that include attacks and debuffs that can slow you, disable you from attacking or using items and abilities, etc. Note that some monsters float, this means that they cannot be struck by low attacks (such as attacks while ducking).