MapleStory Illium: The New Job Skill

Mesos4u Date: Apr/02/18 14:38:14 Views: 3476

MapleStory 2D MMORPG game from Nexon to update the new job Illium magic with the skill on April 4, today we took the information of the Illium as a sauce. Let's see how the new job will be cool.



Who is Illium?


The magic tribe called Flora. The tribe of Flora has created the territory of Grandis. To have a beautiful civilization by virtue of the power of ancient magic scattered throughout their wings. Soon the Flora clans split into two factions. The first is the High and the Verdant. As a result of the civil war, the Verdant Flora was defeated and had to escape hiding for more than a decade.


In the small town of Sanctuary. We met with Illium. He has a bloody Verdant Flora, but he has no talent. Until today, the ancient artifact Crystal. Crystal is able to awaken the power of Illium, allowing him to use magic powers. And now, Illium has taken the lead in an endless battle to protect his tribe.


Example Skill




Primary Attribute: INTELLIGENCE (INT)


Hit Points/Mana Points: MEDIUM/MEDIUM



While waiting for a new job update, recommend to friends. Join Maple Create. Invite all gamers to create Illium characters in advance to receive special gift "Maple Box" to 4 types together.