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Happy holidays! Our team is travelling to Korea next week to meet with the developers of MapleStory. Maple Story mesos. The development team is keen to better understand Nexon America is MapleStory audience so we thought a fun way to help them learn about you is through a social snapshot. Those interested in representing our community can do so by using the hashtag #IAMMAPLE in the following ways: INSTAGRAM Post an image of what you feel best represents you. This could be: A selfie A snapshot of your avatar Fan art Something you are passionate about Or anything else Also, include five words that best describe you in the caption. For example, ""EDM, Paris, fashion, snowboarding, NYGiants"" TWITTER Tweet a photo (per the above) and the five words that best describe you to @maplestory including the hash tag #IAMMAPLE. Cheers! 5toVe (Min Kim, CEO) Instagram: @5toVe Twitter: @5toVe