MapleStory: How to Proceed Through the Game

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:05 Views: 838
This walkthrough is split up by job advancement (not by class). Before first job, the info provided blow outlines the basics of how to proceed through the game from character creation to questing. Create character. Put all AP into the primary stat for that character. Since the Tempest updates, secondary stats are no longer required, and since they give a fraction of the bonus of primary stats, characters with AP in secondary stats should be reset (using a cash shop coupon or a coupon given during an event), if possible. buy Maple Story mesos. Note that although classes may not derive from adventurers/explorers (the main five), all classes fall into one of these five types. Some types use different primary stats (e.g. some pirates use STR and some use DEX). Thus, below all classes are laid out to avoid confusion: Adventurers/Explorers Beginner: avoid spending AP when using this class until you become one of the next five. In current versions of GMS, it may not be possible to spend AP during this class. Follow a recommend Skill Points (SP) build to avoid wasting SP. Beginner skills are usually negligible, although you should also get the mobility skill (increased walking speed or stealth, for Resistance characters) as these can be useful in some situations at later levels. Begin questing and leveling. Each tutorial area, the starting area for each class, will have the quests necessary to level up quickly. Complete the first job advancement at level 10 (level 8 for Beginners who want to become a Magician). This depends on what class you are. Explorers get to choose what they become, so if you reach the minimum level to advance, go seek out the trainer in the city for that class (Ellinia for Magicians, Henesys for Bowmen, Kerning City for Thieves, Nautilus for Pirates, and Perion for Warriors). If you are a linear class (i.e. not an Explorer class), then your job advancements will be straight forward because you have no choice of where to go. A bubble will appear and will direct you to the area and NPC you must speak to. For more info, see your class is page (linked at the top of this page and in the Table of Contents).