MapleStory:Getting Started In Maple Story

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:05 Views: 918
It used to be that it was very easy to ruin your character simply by not knowing what you were doing when you rolled it up because stats needed to be set very specifically, and there was nothing warning you of this or guiding you. Maplestory has made major changes that have removed this problem. All you need to worry about in character creation is choosing a class, a name, and finding appearance options you like. As you level up, stat points are automatically set until you reach level 11 or choose your first job (level 8 for mages, level 10 for everyone else). At that point everything set before is reset into the proper stats for your chosen path. Maple Story mesos. From there on you can choose to set your stats yourself or let the game assign them for you into their recommended stats. they have gone a long way to make it much easier to stat your character than it was when I began. MapleStory has excellent tutorials and beginners areas, as well, so you really wont need a walkthrough here. Just be sure to do the early tutorial quests, as they give you free beginners equipment, and one gives you a recovery chair that you absolutely Do not want to miss. (If you did miss this quest, you can buy a recovery chair from the Armor merchant in Lith Harbor. The Lith Harbor recovery chair is not quite as strong.) Chairs increase your health and magic point recovery when you are resting. Do not waste your mesos buying anything on the tutorial island, everything you need the quests will give you. If you do all the quests you should be ready to go take your job when you leave the Island. As you complete your first quests and explore the world, save your squishy liquid from the green slimes if you want to take your chances with a random hairstyle from a quest in Amoria (a town you can access through an npc in Henesys). you well need 25 squishy liquid. It is an optional quest available at level 13, and is a way to possibly get a premium cash shop hairstyle for free. Whether or not you well like it is another matter, and you only get one chance. Leveling is so fast that It is not too difficult to level just to the point to get that hairstyle, take the gamble, and, if you hate it, delete the character to restart. Some find it worth it, though It is less critical now that they have given us more and better hair style options on the character creation screen. There are other hair styles, colors, eyes, and skin tones available only through specialty shops in Maplestory, which require a cash shop item to use. Cool if you really get into the game and want a more unique look than those available to everyone at character creation, but not something most of us worry about right away other than to wonder why many players we encounter look so different than what we saw when we rolled our character. Different options and styles are available in different towns. If you want to see all the hair styles available and where to get them, check out: MapleStory Female Hair Styles and MapleStory Male Hair Styles. If you are new to games with a cash shop, Do not worry. There is no way to accidentally spend real money while playing the game. I explain cash shops in-depth on What Are Free To Play MMORPGs? if you are unfamiliar with them and would like to know more.