MapleStory:Gamer Safety Week: 2/10 - 2/14

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:25:22 Views: 857
Greetings, Maplers! This week is Gamer Safety Week and Nexon has united with the Gamer Safety Alliance and Merchant Risk Council to make sure that the personal information of our players is as safe and secure as can be. According to a 2013 study conducted by Kaspersky Lab, gamers have been the victims of 11.7 million worldwide hacking attacks. Maple Story mesos. There are currently 4.6 million pieces of gaming-focused malware on the web, with an average of 34,000 attacks on gamers occurring daily. MapleStory is all about fun and community, and we want to keep that community safe. To that end, We are dedicating February 10 – 14 to security awareness. Some of the steps below may seem simple, but if you follow them, your account, and by proxy all Nexon accounts, will be safer for it. Not only do we want a Better Maple, we want a Safer Maple. Help us and help your community! Make a Secure Password The best password is one that is long and mixed with letters, numbers and special characters. Choose a password that is complicated but easy to remember. Do not rely on common words, birthdays, addresses, or anything that would be easy to guess. We know you love MapleStory, but ""iheartmaple"" might be too obvious of a password. Do Not Use the Top 25 Most Common Passwords Below you well find a list of the most overused online passwords. If you see yours, you should change it immediately. Malicious users will always test these passwords during their first line of attack, so strengthen your account is defenses with a stellar password. Change Your Password Often Nowadays, It is pretty hard to keep track of all our online accounts, so many people only utilize one password for everything they do online. Even if said password is strong, if a hacker cracks it, then they well have access to all of your accounts. Make sure all your accounts have unique credentials, and if you do need to write them down, make sure It is somewhere safe (preferably not on your computer). With popular retailers and internet companies coming under attack as well, it has never been more important to protect your personal information. If you shopped at a compromised retailer or used an at-risk online service, you should change your password immediately. To play it safe, we recommend you change your password every three months. And Do not forget about your PIC- it is Nexon is second line of defense against unauthorized logins. Download Security Updates For Your Computer No matter what device you are playing MapleStory on, make sure you have the latest security update installed. Most computers will automatically prompt you when a new update is available, but It is always safe to double-check. Install Virus Protection Software Make sure your computer has virus, spyware and malware protection software installed, such as Norton Antivirus, and update it regularly. Viruses are always evolving, so make sure your computer is prepared. Turn On Browser Phishing Filters Almost all web browsers come equipped with filters that help detect fraudulent emails. Phishers often send out emails using the domain names of legitimate websites, hoping to fool unsuspecting users of said sites. Phishing filters reveal the real domain names of such emails. Never Share Your Account Info The easiest way to have your personal info stolen is to share your account info with others. Even if you know the person asking for your credentials, if anyone but you have access to your passwords and usernames, you are at risk. Always keep such information private, just as you would other important information such as your credit cards, social security number, etc. Nexon Employees Will Never Ask For Your Personal Information Nexon Game Masters and Customer Support Representatives will never ask for your personal information. If someone claiming to be a Nexon employee is asking for your info, then they are a malicious user and are impersonating a Nexon employee. You should block them immediately. Avoid Fan Sites Not Recognized by Nexon On the official MapleStory homepage you can find a list of some of our favorite fan sites- click here for the full list. we have vetted these sites and can confirm that they were not created with any kind of malicious intent. We recommend avoiding, or at least being wary of fan sites not featured on this page. However, as a disclaimer, we cannot be certain that even the MapleStory fan sites we approve of wont be hit by some kind of attack. The same principles that apply here apply on fan sites as well: so have a strong password and be wary of phishers. Remember Our Official Domain: If you receive any emails offering NX, items or anything else that sounds too good to be true, make sure its domain name is correct. If it didnot come from, then It is almost definitely a scam. In addition, utilize the browser phishing filters mentioned above. Follow these steps and stay safe out there, Maplers!