MapleStory Developers Online Shooter Has A Destructive New Cowgirl Character

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:27:05 Views: 871
Nexon, the developers of MapleStory, have a player-versus-player arena shooter called Cyphers. they have just updated it with a new character in the form of J. Hastings, a cowgirl with mean revolvers and a big boom C4 pack. As mentioned above, Cyphers plays out as an arena shooter. Both sides will try to get in close and down each other, while There is some AI-controlled units wandering around as well. H astings, with her codename of Ranger, does decent damage from afar with her twin revolvers. But It is when she is up close and personal that the real damage pours out, since she also packs some C4 and is able to blaze down foes all around her with a flurry of shots. She can close the gap with dashes and if knocked down can return the favor with a little bit of explosive help. Maple Story mesos. If you like getting in the thick of things with multiple foes, her area-of-effect skills would probably stand you in good stead. Cyphers has more than 40 different characters already playable in their system and is available now on PC.