MapleStory:Customer Support Rules Updated

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:25:22 Views: 900
Dear Maplers, We wanted to share our updated player behavior policy for MapleStory and clarify the reason for these changes. Our Customer Support team has been hard at work reviewing and amending the policies which govern how our Games Masters investigate and take action against players following exploits, hacks and other infractions of our Terms of Service. Our goal was to make this policy more fair and more transparent so that players are no longer confused about any punishment they may have received. Most importantly we have updated the types of infractions which will result in player punishment and improved the investigation process to avoid subjecting innocent players to unfair punishment. Once an investigation is complete the CS team will decide upon appropriate action to take against parties found guilty. When taking corrective action our CS team will look at a player is INTENT and the IMPACT of their actions. Did they intend to circumvent the game is rules or did they stumble across a bug which happened to benefit them? Did they exploit a bug or other situation in ways that are inconsistent with notions of fair gameplay? Do their actions have a large negative impact on other players or the game is economy or was the impact mainly isolated? These are some of the factors that will be considered by the CS team when deciding whether to take corrective action, and if so, what kind of action is appropriate. For example a player who uses an item duplication glitch a few times when stumbling across it probably wont receive long term punishment. Whereas someone who automates a bot to run the exploit over and over for hours clearly knows what they are doing and is most likely deserving of more severe corrective action. The goal is to still punish players who have a largely toxic effect on the game but to offer more protection to innocent players. It is our hope that these amended banning guidelines, along with a significantly increased GM presence in-game will help create a better game experience for everyone to enjoy. Please note these relate to individual cases and do not govern mass automated trade blocks designed to stop the spread of duplicated items. Maple Story mesos. In these cases it is necessary to take immediate action to protect the game economy.