MapleStory breached, 13 million accounts exposed

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:24:40 Views: 841
The famously hacked Sony has a sympathetic shoulder this week, as Nexon recently discovered a massive breach that is exposed over 13 million MapleStory player accounts to cyber neer-do-wells. Discovered this past Thursday, the breach was solely limited to South Korea, as Nexon hosts separate countries on their own servers. This means that any South Korean MapleStory player is information is at risk, including user IDs, names, passwords, and residential registration numbers. Maple Story mesos. This information could potentially be stolen and used for a variety of crimes. While There is been no word whether actual personal information has been stolen, Nexon nevertheless urged these 13+ million subscribers to change their passwords. The company has contacted the police to ask for a formal investigation. This comes at an unfortunate time for the company, as Nexon is poised to present its IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December.