MapleStory Blitz Released Its First Update

Mesos4u Date: Mar/30/18 11:22:02 Views: 1563

New mods and cards have been added to Android's ambitious game MapleStory Blitz.


Free to play MapleStory Blitz, the Clash Royale variant MapleStory game, released its first update this week. With the update, the game features 36 new Zakum-based cards, a new dungeon, balance changes and more. MapleStory Blitz, a 3-corridor Clash Royale or South Park: Phone Destroyer game, was inspired by Nexon's popular brand MapleStory.



The major changes to the MapleStory Blitz with the new update are as follows;


Devastating Original Cards - 36 unique cards that can be found alongside original cards in Zakum's Altar card package.


New Dungeon - Get together with players from various parts of the world and discover Zakum's Altar dungeon.


Ranked Mode Enhancements - Ranked Match Season was shortened from 1 month to 2 weeks for match season.


Great PvE Battles - PvE automatic battle feature allows players to enter PvE combats directly.


While new events and tasks were added to the game along with the update, various balance arrangements were made on existing creatures and skill cards at the same time. In short, MapleStory Blitz continues to evolve and we will see plenty of new updates in the coming months.


You can download MapleStory Blitz for free from your Android phones via the Google Play Store.