MapleStory allies against aliens

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:24:40 Views: 800
It is a bad day to be an alien in MapleStory -- and a good day to be a player. Nexon has released its latest major update for the game, Alliance Unbound, and It is placing a bounty on every E.T. and Klingon you can find. Nasty space critters are causing town-demolishing earthquakes in the area, and what is worse is that their technology is somewhat more advanced than swords or clubs. While a majority of the content for Alliance Unbound is for high-level characters, There is still plenty for lowbies to do as well.Cheap maplestory mesos. The main update quest line opens up at level 15 and offers both a high- and low-level version. The update has plenty of meat to it in other ways. A gigantic 31-part quest chain has been added to Ellin Forest for level 95s in which players will jump back in time and explore the making of one of the key regions in the game. There is also a nifty and powerful alien socket system that grants players the ability to upgrade weapons. Finally, Nexon is got plenty of new Event Cards and a collection system to keep players busy.