MapleStory adds the Cannoneer

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:24:40 Views: 861
Are you ready to solve all of your problems with the application of cannons? Up until now, MapleStory has allowed players to solve maybe a fifth of all your problems via the application of cannons. But the newest character type in the game, the Cannoneer, solves the vast majority of his problems via... well, you can guess. He also makes use of bombs and perhaps the odd aerial bombardment as well, just in case you wanted to diversify your problem-solving skills a bit. To show off this first update in the Legends patch, we have posted not one, not two, but three videos just past the break. maplestory mesos. There is, of course, a gameplay trailer for the Cannoneer and a trailer for the patch as a whole. But There is also the ""audition"" trailer for the Cannoneer as the staff at Nexon tries to decide on the next class to add to the game. Check out the videos just past the break, and get ready to open fire.