Maplestory activates your PK potential, New players get crazy

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:18:52 Views: 865
The fist PK system is anoter big update after Big Band which boosts the PK enthusiasm of the fans.Many players said that Maplestory is more funny with the PK mode.At the same time,the new added potential awakening allows the players to find the new possibility. After the players entering into the Chaos zone,the stats and the skills of the player’s role will be reset in order to make everyone fights in the equal circumstance.This time, Maplestory will focus on the Chaos suvival mode and the PK cooperation team Maple Story mesos.The players can experience the life -or-death struggle while they can also enjoy in the team mode. At the same time,the players can gain the EXP and the BP point.In addition,the players can exchange them for the PK certificate through racking up points.The certificate can exchange for PK set which includes the ring, waistband,epaulet and the necklace.With set attributes, the players can grow up quickly. Except the PK mode,there is also a potential mode added in the Chaos.Everyone has six different kinds of potentials in his body which decides his character.We can it “aptitude”.In Chaos, every player owns the leader traits,sensibility,insight,willpower,manipulation and charm.These potentials can be increased by other ways in addition to fighting.While all your potentials in your body are activated, you will be more powerful than ever before.