MapleStory 2 - You Will Find A Lot of Fun in the Sequel

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MapleStory 2 launched about a decade ago, and the series is producing a comeback having a sequel along with a mobile spin-off, this game has normally been pretty common. While the mobile title plays pretty much like the initial game, the fully-fledged sequel switches point up by going completely 3D and essentially constructing a new MMO in the ground up. 


From the get-go, MapleStory 2 asks you to create your quite personal character which you will take on some grand quest, possessing enough Maplestory mesos is usually significant. Aside from customizing their appearance, certainly one of by far the most vital choices when beginning the game is choosing which class you want to play as. Presently, you'll find eight jobs to choose from (Knight, Wizard, Archer, Thief, Berserker, Priest, Heavy Gunner, and Assassin), and each include their own special traits, equipment, and skills. As far as I can inform, they may be all self-sustainable and may just about wipe any enemy early around the game.


MapleStory 2


From then on, you are thrust into a story scenario, based on which class you chose, leading up to the events where you really get started your adventure set in the quite same planet because of the initial game. You are able to pick to adhere to the string of main quests that happen to be waiting for you personally, or you could simply discover the vast globe that MapleStory 2 has to supply. The game does incorporate a sizable map that is divided into unique cubic sections you are able to warp to. By cubic, I imply that MapleStory 2 is all about cubes - in the residence styles down to how maps are shaped. If anything, MapleStory 2's 3D style is actually quite reminiscent of a smoother version of Minecraft with some Gaia Online mixed in for the very good measure.


The globe is filled with NPCs, characters are bite-sized and use exaggerated anime expressions when portraits are eye-catching with their use of vibrant, saturated colors. Even the enemies hardly look menacing in spite of their lofty, evil objectives within the game. That getting stated the overall game aims to become cute, retaining MapleStory's original charm as an amazing MMO for kids and little ones at heart. One particular especially fun strategy to discover MapleStory 2 is working with the various mounts you are able to purchase in the Meret Shop. From automobiles to UFOs, you are able to get around the map on some fairly wacky vehicles.


As you continue your adventure through MapleStory 2, a single driving force that should preserve you attached for the game will be the quest system. By speaking to different NPCs, you will enlist in all sorts of distinct missions that truly push you into exploring every little thing that the game has to supply. Needless to say, finishing quests do present some rewards, for example, revenue and EXP.


One large nitpick that original MapleStory fans had was the seriously grindy procedure of leveling up your character. Thankfully, that isn't the case anymore since quests supply just adequate EXP to sustain your character. MapleStory 2 seems to be taking cues from other MMOs and has streamlined progression, creating it simpler for individuals to really expertise the game instead of repeating the identical monotonous process. Grinding is still a probable selection, yes, but people that appreciate taking on side quests won't have to fight enemy mobs for hours on the finish to level up in MapleStory 2.


On that note, combat in MapleStory 2 continues to be just about completed within the similar vein as the original game. You've got your regular attack, which can be all well and fantastic, but you might be relying heavily on your expertise to defeat enemies. These skills rely on what class you are applying, and it's also worth noting that there is an SP bar you've to help keep an eye on throughout fights. Frequently, characters for example Knights and Berserkers will need to get up close to their enemies while Bishops and Wizards will typically like to keep their distance. As a Bishop myself, combat in MapleStory 2 was much more about running towards the far reached from the map and spamming expertise anytime enemies went in also close for comfort. It was pretty much a rinse and repeat course of action till the enemies eventually kicked the bucket.


As of right now, MapleStory 2 is shaping up to be a worthy successor to the original game. Regardless of the sudden transition to 3D, the game nonetheless tries to make the most of what it learned from its predecessor and builds upon it with much better ideas and contemporary ideas. Not to mention that MapleStory 2 is incredibly kid-friendly and pretty much an awesome approach to relax just after a long day. Whilst the game nevertheless lacks an official release date, MMO fans and veterans on the series ought to unquestionably preserve this game on their radar.