MapleStory 2 World wide is finally launched

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MapleStory 2 is finally launched, totally free to play for Maplers all worldwide! It really is been an exciting six months since our announcement back in April, and we're thrilled to finally have the capacity to share this new dimension of Maple World with all people. We've acquired a lot more in keeping to suit your needs as the days, weeks, months and many years unwind, and we hope you have a blast with our incredibly first update and also the new occupation, new maps, new monsters, new events and new outfits to feature the Official Launch Update!

MapleStory 2 World wide is finally launched

The Runeblades of Terrun Calibre is the best marriage of melee fight and mystical might. Over the hunt, chasing after a traitor on the buy, the Runeblade will quit at absolutely nothing to consider vengeance on the vile Hallstatt and avenge his teacher's heinous murder... but it will take the combination of Belgian bladecraft and Jibrician rune magic to stop him.

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