MapleStory 2's Next Expansion Would Be Coming in Summer 2019

Mesos4u Date: Dec/19/18 17:14:05 Views: 4094

As you know, a number of new updates for MapleStory 2 alongside a new expansion for the MMORPG have been revealed by Nexon. Speaking through the game's producer weblog, Jungsoo Lee talked up the significant alterations made for the game, at the same time as the lessons they had discovered.


MapleStory 2


"When we were making the above modifications to create a much better MapleStory 2 for the worldwide audience, there have been a handful of areas we felt could do much better. As we've got discussed, we're usually reviewing feedback and constructive discussions that players share with us. We choose to tell you that we recognize that there's feedback around the random aspect of progression combined with the content cap, and we have a chance right here to improve the game.


We are not guaranteeing any action at this time, meaning this weblog will not be expected to say we're removing random aspect or removing the content cap. However we wish to share with absolutely everyone that we comprehend this feedback, and we're discussing various ideas to make sure players are often producing progress after they invest time into the game.


A further issue we have discovered is the fact that we should be extra thorough. Speed is extremely vital, and throughout the initial two months, the team here was focused on making modifications with a speedy turnaround. But many of the options weren't permanent fixes and have been closer to a Band-Aid choice, and in some cases, these temporary fixes had unexpected unwanted effects. Hence, going forward our philosophy is going to be to take far more time to completely overview our choices and come up with much better solutions."



Lee then explained on Nexon's plans for MapleStory 2 in 2019, but didn't delve into a lot of detail. In addition to adjustments to some existing content material and adding new content in smaller updates, the studio stated they'll be discussing basic improvement ideas starting in January. A handful of designs are having locked in now, however, they demand more evaluation to ensure the alterations will be useful.


Also, when they're operating on the alterations, they're also going to be running events to assist players to make faster progress with all the existing systems and structures. Further, the game's presently slated January update will proceed on schedule.


Ultimately, he stated the game's subsequent expansion could be coming in Summer time 2019. The game's prior "Skybound" update came out in October of this year. By the way, if you need to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos so you can acquire the skins you want in the game, is the best place to buy them.