MapleStory 2 Guide to Easy Leveling and Make Money

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You will face a lot of effective enemies on your journey in MapleStory 2, and the greatest strategy to deal with them is by growing stronger. That becoming said, here's how to level up fast and make money in MapleStory 2, of course, if you tired of grinding quests and events for mesos, you can buy all the MapleStory Mesos you need on our website.

MapleStory 2


NO.1 Leveling



Story Mode is your friend! That is the fastest and easiest approach to level your character.


Mini Games: Every half hour or so you'll have the choice to do Mini Games (quiz, race, dance, etc). Do these mini-games as considerably as you possibly can.


Exploration: Every single location in maple story has Exploration Targets, Performing these will net you a couple hundred thousand exp, and you could even discover Treasure Chests along the way.


Fishing and Music: Leveling up these traits will net you tons of practical experience, and you'll even unlock trophies for using distinct instruments. (When you have merits I strongly recommend applying the auto play function, that way you are able to go AFK AND it when playing music you are able to play it for so long as you've got the feature and it cannot consume your remaining play count).


Dungeons: Do them, at the least 3 per day.


Premium Players: 20% exp increase when hunting monsters.


NO.2 Currency



Black Industry: It's your friend, any tradable gear you don't need to have, sell it. Have some harder to acquire items? Post it within the Black Industry


Story Quests: You get a decent amount of cash upon quest completion so ensure you do those.


Premium Players: In addition to the black industry discounts, Premium players can...


  • Use those free of charge helicopter rides, save oneself income.
  • Do premium dungeons, They are solo dungeons which you can do after every day and you may perhaps walk away with 250,000 money.


Generating Merits: Design items and upload them for the shop, if folks like and acquire them, you make merits, easy as that.


Red Merits: Could be provided from special events, prestige, or particular blue merit bundles in the money shop (Do not expect to acquire these any time quickly or at a regular pace, but when you do get them hold onto them, there could be a rare item you want at some point, the things inside the shop look to be on a rotation).


Maple Coins: I recommend utilizing your maple coins around the monopoly board as an alternative on the spin will, due to the fact the auto gathering, fishing, and music playing are hard to come by and will save you plenty of time and genuine planet cash if you are fortunate enough to land on a single.