Maplestory 2 Guide to Better Understand the In-Game Gear System

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Gear in Maplestory 2 is sorted amongst these categories: Headgear, Earrings, Necklace, Belt, Ring, Major, Gloves, Bottom, Cape, Shoes, Weapons (some classes can have two of them or even a Shield). Creating the most effective possible Gear Set in Maplestory 2 is important as picking the right MS2 Class for you personally.


Each of these items can have diverse stats, rarity and Gear Score. Today's article will help you by way of the rather complicated Maplestory 2 Gear program. Also, don't forget that you can better enjoy your game life by visiting to buy cheap Maplestory mesos


Maplestory 2 Gear


Low Level (leveling) Gear


The easiest part of gearing up as though you are leveling up due to the fact you will retain dropping fantastic adequate items that need to last you for any couple levels till you can discover another upgrade. I would very suggest performing the epic quest line because this can be going to become not just the ideal technique to retain up-to-date together with your Gear but it is also gonna be likely the quickest technique to level up at the same time due to the fact these quests don't take really long even when you're not an extremely knowledgeable player or you haven't played the game. 


It's pretty easy to comply with along with it since it's just a pretty typical story line of quests exactly where you get a bunch of rewards which includes Encounter, Gear and Well being Potions. These quest reward Gear pieces are cautiously planned by the Maplestory 2 developer group to allow you to pass via the story line without the need of any significant gearing challenges. Once you get to max level (50) that is when issues get a little bit bit more complicated and we'll refer to it as end-game gearing.



End-game Gear


Considering that MS2 End-game gearing is so complicated let's go and open up the challenge map, that is going to show each of the unique Dungeons and also how lots of Dungeons you have run. Bear in mind that there is a limit, you can run ten Dungeons each day and only thirty Dungeons per week so that is definitely crucial. After you end up having to max level all you desire to become able to do is commence running Standard Dungeons. Let's go ahead and go to the Dungeon directory and also you choose to have the ability to begin operating these standard typical level 50 Dungeons. There's a total of four of them, in particular, the Tronix Bunker, Forgotten Vayar, Blueshade Cave and Lingering Darkness.


Preparing for Normal Dungeon Gear farming


To start out running these you're going to will need a Gear Score of 1500. In case you've accomplished the epic story line and you've completed the epic quests to get to max level you're not going to have 1500 Gear Score with just that gear alone, you're probably gonna be brief a couple hundred points or so and whilst that might may possibly appear like a great deal it may possibly seem a lot it genuinely will not be since Gear Scores are weighted largely towards the Weapons since they give A great deal far more Gear Score than other products. A single genuinely straightforward technique to get 1500 Gear Score for standard dungeons will be to acquire a blue Weapon inside the Black Marketplace for a genuinely low-priced. Each of the Standard Dungeons drop these weapons consequently they may be economical.


After you start farming Regular Dungeons preserve replacing your Gear and aim towards Gear Score 2100 so it is possible to unlock the Difficult Dungeons, note that you'll largely desire to play inside a party for this so that others carry you in case your Gear is all "Gear Score" based.


Gear from Normal Dungeons


The MS2 Regular Dungeons are mainly going to drop blue products just about every single run. Finishing the Dungeon guarantees you a weapon in addition to a piece of armor. You're also gonna be acquiring fragments (employed for jewelry and accessories) and every a single of these four Dungeons is going to possess unique fragment drops. 


Basically what you're wanting to do is to just get all Blue Gear, it shouldn't take as well lots of runs. Tronix Bunker gives you the Earrings and Belt, Forgotten Vayar offers you the Necklace and Cloak, Blueshade Cave offers you the Belt and Necklace and Lingering Darkness provides you the Ring in addition to a fragment. When you run 1 of these you will be gonna get eight fragments you may need sixteen of them to create that piece of Gear.


All Blue Items but nonetheless not 2100 Gear Score?


Right after finding all that Blue Maplestory two Gear there's a couple of issues which you can do right now so as to boost your self up to 2100 Gear Score. Essentially the most advisable thing should be to get your self an Epic Weapon. In the event, you basically go back for the challenge map and also you go to the Dungeon Directory you'll notice that you can get Epic Items from these Normal Dungeons but do note that Epic Gear is so rare that you are not gonna see it really often. Epic Weapons are tradable and therefore you can attempt to purchase one particular at the Black Industry even though they are pretty expensive, whenever you get a single it really should enhance your Gear Score even larger than 2100 that will lastly let you do Really hard Dungeons.


A further selection is always to Enchant your Blue Gear but this is not a preferred way due to the fact when you begin operating MS2 Challenging Dungeons you'll choose to ditch the Enchanted things as quickly as you possibly can.


Gear from Hard Dungeons


As soon as you begin operating Challenging Dungeons you will be at the final step of gearing up for the end-game. Hard Dungeons give you Epic Gear just about every single run but many them are gonna be bound even though so it's not going to be super simple to obtain wealthy undertaking this. You're gonna start off obtaining significantly superior Gear pieces that you are gonna replace the Blue Gear with and remember to Enchant your Epic Maplestory 2 Gear. After reaching Gear Score 2100 you are just about done with gearing although some individuals have began aiming for 3000+ Gear Score it's just for the grindiest players of us all so do not anticipate to become finding to 3000 Gear score anytime quickly, only a handful of players have reached that quantity.