MapleStory 2 Closed Beta - What's New in Quest and Trophy, Dungeon

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MapleStory 2 official website lists some improvements, which is the Closed Beta patch notes. We will list improvements to Quest and Trophy, Dungeon. If you want to know more other improvements in MapleStory 2, you can check out the official website, if you need Maplestory mesos, we will provide you at a reasonable price.
MapleStory 2
Quest and Trophy
Some cutscenes that could not be skipped may be skipped now.
Fixed some awkward cutscenes, exactly where a scene ended but didn't progress to player handle or the next scene for an abnormally long time.
It's now difficult to reach Lv. 50 carrying out epic quests alone. You can have to enjoy other contents that offer you knowledge at the same time as world quests and mini-games. A function has been added for the quest notification window on the suitable of your screen to show the next available epic quest that can be accepted or cannot be accepted because you do not meet the level requirement.
A total of 170 planet quests inside a level range from Lv. 11 - 46 have already been added.
Exploration objectives of some maps have changed to become more interesting.
Variety of trophies that either give skill points or attribute points as rewards for completing the targets has improved.
New rewards such as the color palette and the title are often obtained from 30 trophies.
Some ground mounts sold in Mount Shops now have obtained needs exactly where you should get a distinct trophy to buy them.
After you mouseover, such factors as Shop, Beauty Salon, and Emote which have trophy needs, the trophy name and trophy objective are going to be displayed.
It is possible to love a brand new difficult adventure dungeon.
Temple of Immortals
You may take pleasure in a new chaos raid dungeon.
Shadow Altar: Nothing at all is often bought from Taroz's shop within the Hall of Heroes with all the Chaotic Simcoin obtained in the course of CB2. Thus, Spirit Spellstones and Spirit Guardstones have been added temporarily.
You may enjoy the Treasure Dungeon beginning at Lv. 50.
You are able to take pleasure in Dark Descent starting at Lv. 50.
Adventure Dungeon: Name changed to normal adventure dungeon. The difficulty of the boss monster in a normal adventure dungeon has been adjusted to become more difficult than CB1. Attempt forming a party if it's tough to solo!
Raid Dungeon: Name changed to "Hard Adventure Dungeon". The suggested quantity of men and women was adjusted from ten to four. The monster's wellness in the hard adventure dungeon will not be scaled based on the number of people today just like how it was previously in the raid dungeon. That is why it is actually suggested that four folks play collectively. It will be simpler to clear the dungeon when playing with certain jobs. Each and every dungeon's rank mission objectives have already been adjusted to match four folks.
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