Maplestory 2 - Civilian Assassin Skills Plus Points and Equipment Selection

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This article will take you from the perspective of the average player, let you know what kind of career Assassin is so that players can see the target in the next game. Assassin of MapleStory 2 is not an Assassin in general online games. It is an explosive occupation that uses darts weapons for long-range attacks. U4gm will take you from different aspects to know the professional characteristics of this dart Assassin so that you can have career choices. A deeper understanding.

1. The Outbreak
Usually, Assassin in the game is a high-explosive class. Many players who love the ultimate pursuit will choose Assassin to complete a series of difficult operations. The outbreak is what many people need, except for the difference of the equipment attributes themselves. The most important thing is that Assassin's own skills have very good conditions.

Fatal Strikes
Utilize dark magic to strengthen your secret assassin techniques, allowing you to identify enemy weak spots. All attacks become critical hits for 8 (17) sec.
Short-term state skills that can be learned at level 16, without any pre-skills
requirements, lasting 4.5 seconds at level 1 The level lasts for 15 seconds. During this time, all normal attacks and skill damage are 100% crit. This skill becomes
Assassin is the signature skill of the outbreak professional.

2. The Displacement
For MapleStory 2, whether it's wild monsters or Dungeons killing BOSS, hiding skills
is a very important thing. Many players who play remote careers want to rely on
distance to more easily avoid skills, plus Assassin With the displacement skills, it
is easier to do without hurting.

Deftly leap forward 4.5 m. This skill can cancel other skills. Consumes 40 stamina.

The assassin was born with displacement skills, which is one of the characteristics of this game. In fact, when I first chose a career, I did not pay attention to the displacement skills. Although all the displacement skills of MapleStory 2 are different, I will experience it. As far as these remote occupations are concerned,
Assassin's displacement skills are the best. The Assassin displacement skill can be applied three times in a short time. The displacement distance is the three grids in the game. Although this distance is not the farthest, it is perfect in the single brush or the BOSS. This is also the most important thing to choose to play Assassin. s reason.

3. Stealth Skills
When I mentioned the word "Assassin", how can I have no stealth skills? I have seen many Assassin PVP videos before, especially with this stealth skill.

Dark Cloak
Utilize dark magic to walk in shadows for 12 sec. While hidden, your movement speed increases by 21% (39%) and your spirit recovery increase by 2. While hidden, you can ambush enemies, stunning them for 1.5 sec. Using a skill or an item, or being hit by an enemy, will take you out of hiding.

Although the full level does not increase the stun time, through the description of this skill, it can be known that PVP is a very good starting skill. In the online Assassin PVP video, many Assassin is triggered by vertigo after stealth. Then asset of outbreaks took away each other, so Assassin is still the king of many PVP players. Even if you don't have a PVP heart playing Assassin, this skill will allow you to get a lot of benefits in doing tasks and Dungeons, invisible The speed of restoring energy will also be doubled, and the Assassin's other self-contained Shadow Chaser will be able to perfectly match the output.

4. Skill Mix
Regarding the skills, from the point of view of the task of brushing monsters, the
initial skills of Assassin are not as convenient as the initial skills of the

Lucky Stars
Throw your weapons at the closest enemy within 8 m to deal 76% (121%) damage 2 times. Each weapon then ricochets to other enemies within 3 m and deals 76% (121%) damage 2 times. The damage of each attack is affected by the weapon in each hand.

In the early days, I like to use the level 1 self-propelled projectile to transition the mission. The advantage is that this skill can automatically attack the second targeting a small range under the premise of satisfying the small-scale group monster. In a few cases, the blame is very fast, and there is no consumption of this skill.

Fragmented Star
Throw a shattering weapon at the closest enemy within 8 m in front of you which breaks apart on impact to deal 215% (341%) to 8 enemies within 3 m. The damage of this attack is affected by the weapon in your right hand. Consumes 20 spirits.

Shadow Cutter
Throw your weapon forward 8 m with a strong spin to deal 99% (162%) dark damage 2 times to 8 enemies in its path both ways. The damage of this attack is affected by the weapon in your right hand. Consumes 13 spirits.

In the 40th and 50th grades, the darts were abandoned and the Fragmented Star and Shadow Cutter were used. These two skills are very suitable. The singularity of the skills, the speed is also very fast, even in a single boss in Dungeons, they are also used to kill, although sometimes in order to pursue short-term high output, the energy can't keep up, But Assassin can still rely on other skills to restore energy to connect to the output rhythm.

Ps: Several skills introduced above, all points must be filled.


Maplestory 2 - Civilian Assassin Skills Plus Points and Equipment Selection

5. equipment selection
Before the 50th level, I brushed most of the Dungeons. I have to say that there are too many interesting features in the MapleStory 2 Dungeons. It seems that people have seen many small games worthy of nostalgia.
In fact, there is nothing too important for the equipment before the 50th level.
Although the mainline task will give a good equipment, the equipment that Dungeons can brush out will be even better. Of course, the most important thing is the attributes suitable for Assassin in the equipment, such as attack speed and physical wear. Through the increase and damage to the elite monsters. The initial combination is to better understand what the profession needs, and after the 50th level is the path to the pursuit of equipment.

Finally, let's talk about players who are still considering the Assassin profession.
It is because of the high outbreak of Assassin that this profession needs to have a
certain financial material foundation to create the characteristics of its outbreak.
Many players call Assassin as “ Belief in the profession, in fact, after understanding the skills of Assassin, if its skill effect itself is what you love, then choosing Assassin will not be a regrettable decision. For MapleStory 2 this casual online game, we should still hold Peace of mind to run it.

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