MapleStory 2 Basic Build Guide for Soul Binder

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MapleStory 2, the major MMORPG available on Nexon Launcher and Steam is bringing a slew of additions which includes the highly-anticipated Soul Binder class. The game's new Soul Binder class is a hybrid magic damage dealer and healer who studies ancient magic taught only in the depths of the mysterious Halo Mountains. Nowadays we'll share you the Soul Binder build guide.


Things You Should Know about the Soul Binder


MapleStory 2 Soul Binder


One of the most crucial factor to understand about Soul Binders is their Mantra Array talent. Soul Binders can use this ability to create as much as four orbs that surround them and empower a number of their other skills. Every a single also restores 12 spirits, so this can also be how you'll recover spirit.


Soul Binders are ranged magic damage dealers and have skills that could debuff the enemy. This signifies they could decrease particular stats around the enemy to produce them less complicated to fight.


The majority of their critical skills will use their Mantra cores and can typically desire to use all four. This means that you can be employing the Mantra Array capability usually, commonly in involving every skill. This could be tedious and requires setup, but gets less complicated more than time and with greater attack speed.




The key stat for Soul Binder is Intelligence. Crit is not terrible, nevertheless, it is distinctly worse than Intelligence, so all your points ought to be put in Int. By the way, anyone who needs substantial MapleStory 2 Meso at a reasonable price, we have a treat for you now, is providing a great service to buy MapleStory 2 Meso.


Max Damage Build



There are 4 points in Soaring Orb due to the fact it indeed is required to get Raging Tempest, which is essential to have Energy Surge.


Only 6 points in Radiant Salvo due to the fact which is what is expected to sooner or later unlock Shooting Star. This is an excellent talent, but there aren't sufficient points to increase it further.


Max points in Expansion Blast, Energy Surge, and Shooting Star because these are your strongest skills as well as get enhanced by the Animus Concentrate Passive.


Only 6 points in Orb Mastery because it can be required to unlock Animus Concentrate. Also, 8 points in Narubashan Unleashed mainly because that gets you the maximum advantage.


I ended up placing 7 points in Flash Strike, and five in Animus Focus, since that was the mixture I identified, did probably the most damage on the training dummy. I've also tested every single build in dungeons and this generally nevertheless did essentially the most.


When you ever miss any in the empowered skills or do not use them on cooldown, then you will get far more damage by taking 3 points out of Animus Focus and maxing out Flash Strike alternatively. The last end may be put in Animus Concentrate.


As for utilizing it, you wish to start with 4 Mantra cores prepared ahead of combat regularly. Start with Shooting Star or Expansion Blast, depending on your positioning, then use Narubashan Unleashed.


Immediately after that, use Flash Strike on cooldown, Power Surge, Expansion Blast, and Shooting Star on cooldown and with four cores active. Radiant Salvo is applied involving these skills if all the things are on cooldown.


Soul Binder is actually a great burst harm class which can output higher numbers when played appropriately. It unquestionably suffers from not getting enough talent points, but a skilled Soul Binder can nevertheless do more than sufficient harm to clear any content material currently within the game.